ATTENTION: For Entrepreneurs  That Are Not Living  The Dream....

You Probably Just Need a Little Butt Kicking 


                                Buddy Rathmell

Entrepreneur & Chief Butt Kicker

"If You Have Any Area Of Your Life Or Business 

That You Have Been Setting Goals For Years

But Have Been Unable To Achieve Them, 

Please Kick My Butt Will Help You!"


Watch This Until The End

The path to your dream life is probably closer than you think, but for most Entrepreneurs the path is hidden.  It's like there is a secret garden that only a few know about to get to the life of their dreams which is why

93% of people are UNable to achieve their goals and 97% are UNable to achieve their dreams.

We'll help you get to be in the 7% that achieve their goals and the 3% that achieve their dreams.


The Secrets To Life Transformation For The At Home Entrepreneur That Allows You To Live Your Dream Life... Guaranteed!

+ Plus, Get The Triangle of Transformation To Help You Actually Transform To Be The Person That Deserves The Life You Currently Only Dream Of!

What You Will Learn From This Webinar:

Secret #1

The Simple Secret (That Almost Nobody Knows And Even Fewer People Apply) That Leads To Real Transformation In Your Life And Business.

Secret #2

This Will Make Or Break You As An At Home Entrepreneur.  Without This, It Is impossible To Achieve A Higher Level Of Dreams.

Secret #3

This Idea Will Make Complete Sense Once You Hear It But 98% Of Entrepreneurs Do NOT Apply It When Trying To Reach Their Goals.

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